The suggestion of a detail, the seduction of a finishing, a hidden tailoring. These are some of the values which have allowed us to get in touch with world-renowned shipyards. The thick network of experiences and partnerships leads to a business enhancement, which is unique in its kind and is able to inhabit the whole world with visible objects and installations.
One by one, our productions are the signs of an unmistakable story of participation in the magic world of relationship with the final actor: the shipowner.


Iride is a company founded in 2000, specialized in naval furniture design, management and realization.
The productive unit is dedicated to the realization of both prototypes and customized solutions. A skilled manpower allows internal works on noble materials with noble finishings.


In our labs we celebrate that magical process of transformation from thought to project. The entire design team guarantees total quality control; Iride is an interpretive technology that becomes product step by step. Man relies on technology and tradition to control and verify excellence. An exciting story made of passion and knowledge.
Iride is an Italian company and operates in a territory rich in tradition and experience in the field of nautical furniture and its design. But not only that. It controls and produces its products internally.

Custom Made

Human hand always gives birth to an experienced product which is careful about details and finishings.
By our technicians, there arise some technical solutions using at the state-of-art materials. The customization process turns into an out-and-out groundbreaking laboratory made of experienced and accurate and brave choices.
The real core of tailor-making is the break of a limit represented by habit, and for this reason, each new productive process is a moment of evolution and knowledge.